Trash and Recycling

Waste Procedures

Normal building trash removal is provided as a standard service. However, arrangements for large-scale debris, furniture, fixtures, packaging, electronic equipment, environmental items (paint, chemicals, other), etc. will need to be made by the tenant to have hauled away. Any such removal must be approved by management and performed in compliance with applicable law. Further, medical, infectious or bio-hazardous waste, including any needles, syringes and other articles or substances classified as medical is the responsibility of the tenant to remove from the premises in a safe manner and according to state law. For assistance in disposal of large scale debris, electronics and boxes, please contact the Management Office.

Recycling Program

Prominence Tower supports green initiatives. Waste Management is the recycling and trash hauler for the building and we ask that you adhere to the building recycling initiative and program. All clear liners used in your desk side trash cans, etc. are used for recyclable trash. Those receptacles are used for all recyclable materials including paper, plastic, and also aluminum. The black garbage can liners used in kitchens and break rooms are reserved for all the trash that has been contaminated with food. Please contact the Management Office if you have any questions about our recycling program.