Tenant Security Responsibilities
To reduce crime, emphasis should be placed on prevention. All suspicious or criminal activities should be reported immediately, first to the police department and then to the Management Office. By everyone taking an active role in prevention we can all help stop crime from happening. The following are tips for keeping the building safer:

1. Always make sure all doors to your offices are locked and secured at the close of your business day.
2. Always report any suspicious or disorderly individuals to the Management Office at (404) 760-7100. Security will escort them from the building.
3. Solicitation is not permitted in the building, and any individual who enters your office for this purpose should be reported to the Management Office. They will be escorted from the building.
4. Immediately inform the Management Office of any lost or missing building keys or access cards.
5. Complete After-Hours Access form for all contractors, vendors and functions and provide to the Management Office in advance of each event for security and management notification 48-hours prior to activity.
6. Do not solicit or authorize unapproved vendors access to the property without notification to and approval of the management office. (This includes all contractors and vendors such as car wash, detail and window glass vendors.)
7. You must always notify the management office of after-hours deliveries or access could be denied.

Please Click Here to Download After-hours Access Form.pdf