Automotive Services
Atlanta Auto Spa
The Atlanta Auto Spa offers full-service war washes and detailing. The car was is located on P4 at the service level. Our staff has 25 years of experience in the auto detailing industry and we use only the best quality products available.

Hours of Operation:
The car wash is open Tuesday and Wednesday from 8:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. Schedule is weather-permitting and modified depending on season and anticipated demand. Lawn signs are typically placed on the property when the car wash is open. Atlanta Auto Spa encourages customers to call in advance to confirm hours.

Call us at (404) 812-3766 or visit our website at for more information about services offered and pricing.

Office Automotive
Office Automotive offers a full range of automotive services, including oil changes and tune-ups, right at level P1 of the parking garage. Call/text us at (404) 277-4655 or visit our website at for more information about services, pricing, and to schedule appointments.

Hours of Operation:
Maintenance is performed during regular business hours Monday through Friday.